imagine the avengers playing hide and seek and bucky is always a master at hiding so steve uses a metal detector to find him

"Bucky you’re in the couch."

Muffled swearing

"I remember walking the swine fairs with my father, looking over the competition. Papa’s little silver knife ever ready to slip out of his waistcoat and stick into the back of a pig to check the depth of fat." {NBC Hannibal, Ko No Mono}

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Photo-realistic paitings by Mike Bayne

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"If a guy wants to be with a girl, he will make it happen, no matter what. So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he genuinely doesn’t give a shit. No exceptions."

- He’s Just Not That Into You (via allforthemems)

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Alright now I need to follow some Hannibal Blogs so if you post any amount of Hannibal go ahead and like or reblog this so I can follow you, I’ll probably follow the first say 30 to 40 people that like or reblog this maybe even 50 depending how many notes this gets

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The gaping flame-filled crater has been this way since 1971, when Soviet geologists tapped into a cavern of natural gas and decided to burn it off so it wouldn’t poison anyone. They thought it would take a few days. Four decades later, locals refer to this pit as the Door to Hell.


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